Street Challenge Autocross Comes to Pleasanton!

For the first time ever, the Street Challenge Autocross will be held at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds in conjunction with the 16th Summer Get-Together May 30 & 31. The Autocross will be held both days of the event at a special course set up in the paved lot adjacent to the swap meet. The Autocross is free for all Summer Get-Together event participants.

Competition will be divided into three categories; Street Rod (1954 & older), Street Machine (1955 & newer) and a vendor class (vendors and sponsors only).

What is an AutoCross?
AutoCross – Probably the least expensive means to get involved with motorsports. AutoCrosses are held most weekends around the country. AutoCrosses are held in big, wide open parking lots. A course is set up using orange pylons, and a driver then negotiates the course, as quickly as possible. Each car is timed, and hitting cones will result in time penalties. AutoCross events are “Time Trial” style competitions; there is no wheel to wheel racing involved, as cars are sent out one at a time. In general, a course is laid out using traffic c cones; time penalties will be charged for disturbing cones. (Penalty is 2 seconds per cone). Just bring your registered/street legal vehicle to the Street Challenge tech area at the event to get inspected and you are ready to run.

Who can participate?
Any registered participant of a Goodguys event can run the Autocross – for free! Pleasanton AutoCross hours are Saturday 9am to Noon and 1pm to 4pm and Sunday 9am to 2pm.

Rules and Regulations for the Goodguys Street Challenge AutoCross:
1. All Street Challenge AutoCross participants must be Goodguys event participants. The Goodguys registration number will be the AutoCross entry number.
2. The AutoCross entry number must be displayed and easily read.
3. Participants must use DOT approved tires with a minimum of 200 tread wear.
4. No passengers or drivers under the age of 18. Passengers must sign the same liability waiver as driver.
5. Helmet use is not required. The course design will attempt to keep speeds below 35 M.P.H.
6. Participating cars must pass a basic safety inspection that will include, but may not be limited to, the following:
A. Functional seatbelts.
B. Proper brake pedal pressure and travel.
C. Sufficient throttle return spring and secured battery.
D. All lugnuts in place and tight.
E. Hubcaps are to be removed.
F. Valid driver’s license & Proof of insurance.
G. Registered – Street legal vehicle.
H. All loose items to be removed from vehicle.
(Floor mats, items hanging from rearview mirror, cassettes, CDs, and glove box, console, trunk items.)
7. No unsafe driving will be tolerated. Show management will have COMPLETE discretion to deny anyone participation in the AutoCross for any reason.


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