He Made it! Dave Schaub drives all 49 US States in just 8 days!

Our ironman Dave Scahub crossed the border from British Columbia into Alaska at 4:48pm this afternoon under rainy skies to complete the most amazing driving feat in the history of hot rodding! He was able to drive all 49 U.S. States in his Brizio-built 1932 Ford hiboy in less than 9 days! He sounded releived and happy to be at the end of his amazing journey. He started out this morning in the town of Hope, British Colubmia at 2:30am and drove hundreds of miles through what he called “breathtaking” scenery up to the border and on into Hyder. “I saw five black bears today alongside the rode” he said.”They’re everyhwere up here! I also saw an Elk this morning. You cannot beleive how pretty it is up here. The roads are smooth as a baby’s butt. I’ve never driven on smoother roads. The turns are banked so gently – I was able to run about 95mph this afternoon…

“This has been the trip of a lifetime,” he said. “I’m glad it’s over but it was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. Driving my car is my passion. It’s what I do.”

All told, Dave’s trip took him 8 days, 16 hours and 48 minutes. He averaged 66.7 mph while moving and the overall average speed including stops was 62mph.

In the coming days, when he can get out the calcuator and get serious about totalling up everything which should yield some amazing statistics. “Right now I just want to get a meal, do my laundry and chill out!” He did mention maybe heading back home starting tomorrow. He figures it will take about 2 days, maybe 3 to get back home to Los Gatos, CA.

He thanked everyone who sent well wishes, sent messages and cheered him on. To read about the entire trip and see photos from along the way visit http://49in9.com/press


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