Don Smith’s “Hemrod” Wins “Mother’s Pick”

Mother’s Polishes, Waxes and Cleaners has selected the national winner of the “Mother’s Pick” – a special award selected at 12 Goodguys National events this year that was presented to a vehicle that “had the look and shine of a true winner!”

Don Smith’s anti-freeze green ’32 Ford sedan “Hemrod” was chosen as the winning car.

Smith’s sedan was a popular attraction on the 2009 Goodguys event trail. It was a top five finalist for the Goodguys Hot Rod of the Year, Goodguys/Classic Instruments Street Rod of the Year and the Goodguys/Hushpower America’s Most Beautiful Street Rod award. Built by Eric Peratt and the team at Pinkee’s Rod Shop, the sedan is a true work of art combining old and new styles in seamless transition.

The sedan’s body has been shortened 1.5 inches, wedge-chopped, the rear fenderwells raised and the rear apron is rolled in towards the quickchange. Power comes from a neatly detailed 392 hemi backed by a six-speed. Those cool wheels are one-off Magnesium-style with safety-wired knock offs. The interior is a work of art in itself with many one off parts and a bench-style bomber seat.

As the national winner of the Mother’s Pick, “Hemord” will be featured in the Mother’s display out front of the Las Vegas Convention Center at next week’s SEMA Show.

Mothers Waxes, Polishes and Cleaners are some of the finest quality car care products on the market today and have been an industry leader for over thirty years. For more, visit


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