2010 Yearbook Cover Contest Winner!

Freelance Photographer Jason Deng from San Leandro, California has won the 2010 Goodguys Yearbook Cover photo contest! Deng’s vertical image of the grille of a 1956 Chrysler 300 won over the selection committee. The shiny chrome grille set against a dramatic black background is going to make a spectacular cover!

Deng is relatively new to photography but has quickly developed impressive skills. “Cars were the first subjects I started to photograph and they became the foundation of my passion,” he said. “Mainly because cars had always been interesting to me and I felt I could capture them on film as my eye saw them. The winning shot was a tough one to figure out at first, but then I noticed the beautiful lines of the Chrysler 300b. I set out to capture the car’s distinct lines, chrome, grill, and the other unique details of the car. I was very satisfied with the shot, not only because the lighting was how I wanted it, but also how I wanted to express the details of the front end.”

For his winning picture, Deng will receive $250, a year subscription to the Goodguys Gazette, and ten copies of the 2010 Goodguys Yearbook.

We received 100’s of hi quality photos for this year’s competition and we thank all contributors for sharing the art and photography with us during the competition. Congratulations Mr Deng!


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