Goodguys Offer new “Digital Gazette” Membership

The Goodguys Gazette has gone digital! Oh nothing’s changed if you’re a dues paying member / you’ll still be receiving your favorite all-color monthly magazine in the mailbox, but now members will have the option of viewing their Gazette online on their personal computer! Digital magazine subscriptions have become increasingly popular in the past few years offering magazine subscribers a different option when it comes to getting your monthly magazine fix.

The new digital Goodguys Gazette will be the exact same product that is delivered via conventional mail, only the experience will be enhanced with the ability to “crop and print” a picture of your ride right from the Gazette pages, zoom in to photos for max detail, interact with dynamic Ads that are directly linked to the advertiser’s websites and much more!

The new digital-only Gazette subscription will soon be available for just $20 for twelve online issues. For current Goodguys members the new digital magazine will be offered free of charge as a value added perk of membership. So watch your email inbox VERY soon for your link and official password to kick start your Goodguys online experience!


One Response to Goodguys Offer new “Digital Gazette” Membership

  1. goodguyshotnews says:

    Hi Randy,

    Please call our membership line at 925-838-9876 to discuss how you can sign-up for the digital gazette. If you are a current GG’s member, you will receive the Digital Version automatically.

    Take care,

    Goodguy Jake

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