Jeff Norton to Serve as Race Director for 2010 Goodguys Vintage Drag Racing Events

Pleasanton, CA – Veteran tech man Jeff Norton has been retained as race director for all 2010 Goodguys Vintage Drag Racing events. Norton worked tech, scales and served as assistant race director with Goodguys/VRA during the West Coast Championship Series for west coast vintage drag racers from 1994 to 2006 and remains active in the West Coast vintage racing scene as a tech inspector for the NHRA Heritage Series.

In his new role as Goodguys race director Norton will oversee and manage all phases of vintage drag racing competition and tech for Goodguys. He brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of drag racing as well as superior management skills. “I’m excited to wear the Goodguys colors again,” Norton said. “I cut my teeth in tech and race management with Goodguys in the 90s along with my father Mike and the rest of the Goodguys/VRA team. It’s a great organization and with the Goodguys drag racing events being in the Midwest and East, I’ll have an exciting opportunity to meet a lot of new racers, see some different cars and see some great racing! I can’t wait to get started!”

Donnie Irvin, Robert Kornegay, Jeff Lawson, David “Sugar Bear” Lyons and “T-Bone” Tommy Keane return in their roles on the 2010 Goodguys/VRA Team.

To reach Norton, you can call the Goodguys tech line at (925) 895-7878. For a look at the classes, race dates and schedules for the 2010 Goodguys/VRA season, visit


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