2011 Goodguys Giveaway Car – Project CleanAir ’55!

PROJECT CLEANAIR ‘55 – a customized ’55 Chevy convertible will serve as a giveaway promotional vehicle during the 2011 Goodguys Rod & Custom Association national event series. Ironworks Speed & Kustom of Bakersfi eld, CA is heading up the build and the Experi-Metal company, producers of the ‘55 Chevy body, will have the ‘55 to Ironworks by mid May.

The heart of CleanAir ’55 is the emissions-legal LS3 E-Rod motor from General Motors. The prevailing goal of the build is to demonstrate how a reproduction body can be titled with the new emissions legal package in the state of California. SEMA and General Motors will be working closely with Goodguys to help work this project through all levels of the titling and emission process in California.

Goodguys will cover the entire process of the build in the Goodguys Gazette. The immediate goal with CleanAir ’55 is to bring the Hermance Design artist’s rendering to life at Ironworks Speed & Kustom and display the car in bare metal at the 24th Goodguys West Coast Nationals August 27-29 in Pleasanton. From Pleasanton, the car will be shipped to Kenny Davis Hotrods in Rogers, Arkansas where the all steel convertible will be covered in bright red PPG paint. The next stop will be the Recovery Room in Plattsmouth, Nebraska where Tracy Weaver will build and install the custom interior and top. After the interior is buttoned up, its back to Ironworks in Bakersfi eld California for final assembly. Goodguys will then take the car to Sacramento to work with the California State titling and emission department to show how the process of getting this type of vehicle legally titled and on the road in California.

CleanAir ‘55 will debut at the Goodguys 2nd Spring Nationals in Scottsdale, Arizona in March 2011 and will then be taken to 20 Goodguys National events across the country. The car will be displayed at the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas before being given away at the Goodguys Southwest Nationals held in Scottsdale Arizona in November of 2011.


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