Calling All Customs!!!!!

A special indoor display of custom cars is being assembled for the 29th All American Get-Together, March 26 & 27 at the Pleasanton Fairgrounds. The Young California building will house this exclusive customs-only exhibit. There is room for approx.45 cars. All customs for this exhibit will be selected prior to the event.

At the event, Goodguys will crown the Mother’s ‘West Coast Custom of the Year” award which honors an outstanding custom car 1936 through 1972 vintage. Only custom cars entered in the indoor portion of the show will be eligible for the West Coast Custom of the Year award. The competition is open to all styles and genres of customs (from traditional to modern).

To enter your custom, download an event entry form here

Fill out the form and mail it in with a photo. Only entry forms with photos will be accepted. Send to: Harry Daviess, C/O Goodguys, P.O. Box 9132, Pleasanton, CA 94566. You can also e-mail pictures and entry information to:

Please submit your entry forms and photos by March 11th! Bring out those killer kustoms!


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