Tether Cars, Valve Cover Races Return to West Coast Nationals!

Two Popular West Coast Nationals Pastimes return this year to celebrate the 25th annual event! The “Spindizzies” will make a triumphant return to the Tether Car track. That’s right – a full lineup of Tether Cars will be featured in a special exhibit on the pavement adjacent to the speciak parking areas. The North Coast Tether Car Association will govern the exhibition expected to draw upwards of 30 of the super fast, super cool miniature cars! If you’ve never seen a Tether Car run before don’t miss it! It will amaze you!

Tether Cars were developed beginning in the 1920s-30s and still are built, raced and collected by many car guys across the nation and around the world. First made by hobby craftsmen, Tether Cars were later produced in small numbers by commercial manufacturers such as Dooling Brothers (California), Dick McCoy (Duro-Matic Products), Garold Frymire (Fryco Engineering) BB Korn, and many others. Original examples of the early cars, made from 1930s-60s, are avidly collected today and command prices in the thousands of dollars.

Valve Cover Races will also be featured at the 25th West Coast Nationals offering a fun time for all ages

The popular Valve Cover races will also make a triumphant return to the West Coast Nationals this year! Extremely popular in the 1980s and 1990s, Valve Cover racing is making a comeback! These highly customized valve covers on wheels make a great hobby for the little ones as well as the grey bears hot rodders! Goodguys will be providing dozens of valve covers for the kids to try out throughout the weekend. The Valve Cover race track will be set up inside the Court of Four Seasons. If you own a Valve Cover race car and would like to get in some runs over the weekend bring it on down!

With the Western Engine Model Exhibition, Valve Cover and Tether Car races, this year’s 25th West Coast Nationals August 26-28 in Pleasanton figures to be a hobbyists dream! See you there!


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